Project Description

Mein Einsatz in einer Kambodschanischen Dorfschule – Englischunterricht mit 72 Schülern

Help to keep the Nature clean
Here in thailand, nothing reminds me on christmas.With the feet in the sand and the sun in my face. But to calm down myself is not the only reason I am here. I applied for a job as an english teacher in cambodia, and I will do a project with the Kids to enlight them about the polution of the ocean and the the consequences of throwing their rubbish away everywhere. We have such a beautiful earth, we should keep it clean and treat well. I collect every day one bag of plastic and waste at the beach. My friend Mimi  is starting a nice project against plastic. pay attention to her page please.
Mimi´s Project. Help Nature Healing

Weitere Projekte folgen in meiner Zeit in Asien…